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Whakatane claims the award for the most sunshine hours in the whole of the country and is one of the main reasons that the area can grow some of the best maize grain crops in the country.

While the weather has a big part to play in any cropping situation, getting the ground worked up then planted in a timely and efficient manor also has a significant effect on the outcome.

Nigel Timbs the owner of Stockland Agri Limited started out solely as a fencing contractor in the Bay of Plenty region but as opportunities arose the business has grown to include some agricultural contracting work and more recently contract maize grain growing where he crops around 150 hectares of ground every year.

With a continual rotation of maize grown on fertile river flats, there is a large amount of stubble and crop residue that needs to be incorporated back into the soil with a disc
harrow after harvest. This usually takes place soon after harvest so the ground can be left fallow over winter before the ground is ploughed and cultivated in the spring to be once again planted in maize for another year.

Earlier this year when looking to increase the efficiency of the operation Nigel went in search of an upgrade for an older competitor three metre disc harrow that he had been
using and was immediately impressed when he saw the Kuhn Optimer in action at a demo. It was soon added to an ever growing collection of Kuhn equipment in the Stockland Agri yard that includes a Kuhn VM123 reversible plough, HR3002 power harrow
and a SD4000 drill. These were all be sold by local dealer W J Dippie Ltd, who has continued to provide excellent local sales knowledge and backup service when required.

The Kuhn Optimer 4003 is a trailing compact disc harrow that has been designed specifically for cultivating at speed, to a shallow depth and incorporate residues with the large 510 mm diameter scalloped discs that are set at aggressive opposing angles. The 32 discs are arranged in two gangs across the four metre width machine and run on slim individual carrier arms that are rubber block clamp mounted on the frame that allows movement to prevent damage...

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