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Kuhn SPW Intense Two-Auger Vertical Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon

Kuhn SPW Intense Two-Auger Vertical Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon

Kuhn SPW Intense Two-Auger Vertical Self-Propelled Mixer Wagon

KUHN's new SPW Intense are the fruit of many years' experience in self-propelled mixer wagons. We have united the know-how from a development skills centre and a productions skills centre specializing in bedding and feeding.

KUHN SPW Intense have been designed with all nutritional considerations in mind for a modern livestock farm: fibre levels respected, homogenous mix, distribution quality...

Fuel saving is ensured thanks to the association of the new 225 hp Phase 4F motorization with the control system of the mixing auger/milling head hydraulics, the aim of which is to prioritize the machine's effort.

Suited to industrial livestock farms and communal use, KUHN SPW Intense models represent the best tractive performance on the market. Velocity and comfort are key aspects of this great vehicle due to the weight distribution on the rear axle!

It's only natural for a professional who invests in an everyday machine to feel supported by a network of partners, who are close by, competent and provide good service (spare parts…).

Performance and sobriety

Economically, the SPW Intense is a machine with very attractive operating costs, the lowest on the market. The 225 hp FPT motor has SCR technology which sprays AdBlue® additive into the exhaust pipe in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Functions considered as energy-intensive on self-propelled mixers such as the mixing process, are carried out at very low engine speeds on the SPW Intense models; incredibly low consumption for high-performance.

With the automotive joystick, motor speed can also be managed according to load, which again means low consumption. Engine speed is only increased during transport phases requiring additional power to avoid losing forward speed. The motor compartment is at the rear of the machine. With this load transfer, motive power is unequalled. Noise reduction can also be appreciated in the cab.

Nutritional balance and respect

Respecting nutrition when silage unloading:
The electronic regulation of the milling head adapts to the level of fibre in the forage. The milling head (160 hp for SPW Intense from 14 to 18 m3 and 200 hp for SPW Intense from 19 to 27 m3) efficiently gauges long products and speed is adjustable from the cab.

Respecting nutrition when mixing:
Being able to adjust the speed of the mixing auger and program mixing time from the cab, means that it's possible to modify the mix according to the different types of feed on the farm.

Respecting nutrition when distributing:
Distribution is by wide transverse conveyor belt at the front of the machine. Visibility and regularity of the distribution cord are faultless.

A machine designed for dairy farmers

CCI - skilful monitoring:
The KUHN SPW Intense cab is equipped with the KUHN CCI control box; a colour touchscreen that centralizes all functional data and information relating to weight control.

A quick glimpse at the screen is enough to give the driver all the information he needs, totally practical technology. The CCI control box also manages data concerning machine maintenance. Periodic maintenance operations are managed as well as diagnostic support interfaces. With the CCI you can also change the speed of the milling head instantaneously, the rotation speed of the mixing auger and the speed of the distribution conveyor.

For feed data management, the CCI can hold 80 rations with 15 different ingredients. It can memorize up to 10 lots of specified discharge operations. Operation traceability is ensured thanks to LIBRAFEED data transfer by USB plug to the farm's computer.

Comfort: sit in the best seat!

Fully suspended:
A fully suspended frame, composed of two independent suspended axle shafts at the front with high clearance, and leaf-spring suspension at the rear, give the machine exceptional tractive performance.

For cramped buildings, KUHN's SPW Intense models can be equipped with a rear steering axle as an option, which significantly reduces turning angles.

Cab comfort:
The inside of the cab has been designed to give the driver optimum view outside and of the driving controls.

Moving around farm buildings is child's play with this 310° panoramic cab and its rearview mirrors, cameras and lighting.

Easy access:
The thermal motor and main elements (pumps, filters, gauges…) are easily accessible at the rear of the machine for simplified maintenance.

Services: developing efficient feeding on your farm

KUHN's self-propelled machines come hand in hand with a whole range of specific services which ensure an even better return on investment.

Efficient feeding tech: Start-up and training for first level maintenance operations.

Efficient feeding control: Start-up of data transfer tools.

Efficient feeding drive: Start-up and machine driver training.

Efficient feeding feed: Start-up and feed mix nutritional optimization.


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