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Bedding & Feeding

KUHN has a wide range of livestock bedding and feeding machines designed for all types of livestock management. These machines are available in capacities from 2.3 to 45 m3, and are ideal for all sizes of herds

Self-Propelled TMR Mixers
KUHN self-propelled mixer wagons have been developed to save time when feeding large herds. These SP models perform a number of functions including loading and mixing different ingredients and finally distributing the rations accurately using a built-in weighing system.
Straw Blowers & Feeders
The versatility of ration feeding equipment is a decisive factor in keeping ahead of changes in livestock fodder. Farmers increasingly take into account the notions of user friendliness, time savings and quality of life into their investment decisions. These considerations have all been taken on board in the development of the PRIMOR straw blower and feeder range: - Machines which are easy to load thanks to the hydraulically-powered tailgate which rests on the ground. Loading capacities of up to three round bales with a diameter of 1.50 m to considerably cut down on the unproductive time spent travelling to and for between fodder stocks and troughs. - Machines that are still the benchmark in straw blowing quality. - Machines of simple design, but at the cutting edge of innovation with the UNROLL SYSTEM (on PRIMOR 5570 M). Hay and wrapped bale distribution is possible using the POLYDRIVE® system.
TMR Mixers
The KUHN group is the world-wide leader in TMR mixers. KUHN offers a full range of TMR Mixers and Feed Delivery Boxes. Whether you are mixing 100% hay or 100% grain, KUHN Knight has a mixer to fit virtually every customers’ needs. The Reel Auggie and Commercial Reel Mixers are designed for the producer who wants superior mix quality. KUHN Knight’s Vertical Maxx Mixers mix the widest variety of feedstuffs, including round bales, providing ration versatility for your operation. The Botec 4-Auger strength is its ability to incorporate up to 50% alfalfa hay and provide a consistent and properly blended ration while requiring less horsepower than other types of mixers. The ProFeed Delivery Box will delivery large quantities of feed to animals fast from a central mixing point. KUHN carries the most complete line of TMR mixers and delivery boxes on the market today.


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